"Uptown, downtown, all through the underground, Mineshaft takes you where the action is!"

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Here's what people are saying about Mineshaft!

"Long live MINESHAFT!"   -R. Crumb

"Mineshaft is the best magazine in America. It's the only thing I read anymore."   -Jay Lynch

"...a breath of fresh air from some universe next door."   -Art Spiegelman

"That magazine is a bonafide, world-of-comics treasure; a new issue is a celebratory moment."   -Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter

"Mineshaft is one of the best kept secrets of the magazine world.   ...You'll find in its pages some of the most uncompromising artist/cartoonists and writers working today."   -Andrei Codrescu, The Exquisite Corpse

"A great, great mag jam-packed with engaging verve."   -Monte Beauchamp, Editor of Blab!

"Reading Mineshaft, I am conscious of its authenticity.  I imagine that in future issues there may be ads for futons and hookahs; someday there may even be an online version.  In the meantime it's one of the few true print vehicles around that carries the smokey torch of the disavowed, disenfranchised, lapsed, subsumed and beat to shit Counter Culture." -Justin Green, author of Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary

"Thanks to you and Everett for many years now of the most interesting and beautiful publication I read"   -Robert Stevenson

"What you are doing, which is so important, is using QUALITY art.   Mineshaft is like a quiet little beacon of laser creativity that continues to burn with a purpose."   -Mary Fleener

"You're singlehandedly keeping the spirit of the old Underground alive & well!"   -Bill Griffith

"In our society where everyone it seems can't wait for the latest 'i-pod' feature it's great to see MINESHAFT taking the long view, exploring with ink on paper how the artistic culture is surviving in the hidden corners of America and the world. MINESHAFT artists are able to look within to find that elusive spark of truth/magic known to mystics, shamans, zen hermit monks, and alienated graffiti artists. For me MINESHAFT contains a message of personal healing, a feeling of belonging to a community of artists who express their feelings about life with love, honesty, humility, and humor."  -William Crook, Jr.

"I really enjoy "Mineshaft" - there all these zillions of dull, unoriginal, stereotyped magazines.   "Mineshaft" carries me back to romantic times long ago when I did a mag, "Tele Times," about street-people and comics."   -B. N. Duncan

"Everyone reads MINESHAFT. It is the major publication of what's left of the hep subculture. Not ONLY comix... but it covers everything else that is interesting as well."   -Jay Lynch

"Thanks for the copies of Mineshaft.   It's a grand publication, harkening back to the glory days of self-pubs."   -Jim Woodring

"I love Mineshaft - the creme de la creme of the 'zine world!"   -David Tosh, Editor of Mumbo

"I realized that I hadn't written you before now to tell you what an amazing publication I think Mineshaft is.   Let's just say that there aren't that many new pubs that I look forward to reading these days, but Mineshaft is the rare exception. "   -Tony O'Neill

"As you probably know, there's a quiet dignity to self publishing. You produce a fine publication with real eclectic appeal to the discerning few."   -Robert Armstrong

"MINESHAFT is the last of the great comics zines..."   -Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

"Recently I've spent time going back and reading old issues of MINESHAFT. Man, it holds up well over time, very high quality content, mercifully free of the usual commercial crap or pretentious arty-farty nonsense that pervades 99.9 percent of all print media. Mineshaft is anti-propaganda, anti-public relations. It is a modest little package speaking honest truths in words and pictures, thanks to you and Gioia's sharp editorial judgement."   -Robert Crumb in a letter, January 1, 2014

"A toast to... Mineshaft" - Various notes on Americana by George Hunka

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Rob Clough reviews Mineshaft #30 for "High-Low"!

Almost Normal Comics reviews Mineshaft #30!

"Another Vein Extracted: Mineshaft #29" Rob Clough reviews Mineshaft #29 for his comics column "High-Low"

"On Exhibit: Mineshaft #28" Rob Clough reviews Mineshaft #28 for his comics column "High-Low"

"Best Zines of 2012: Cometbus, Mineshaft, Prince Zine, and more"   Review by Chris Estey in Three Imaginary Girls

The Comics Journal reviews Mineshaft #27

Andrei Codrescu reviews Mineshaft #27 in The Exquisite Corpse!

"Sweeping The Underground: Mineshaft #24"   Review by Rob Clough in his "High-Low" comics column

WFMU Independent Radio in NYC reviews Mineshaft #18

"Crumbland: a brief guide" in the British newspaper The Guardian

"Zap Comics - still crazy after all these years" by Ben Myers in the British newspaper The Guardian (with mention of Mineshaft)

Kim Deitch reviews Robert Crumb's GENESIS in Mineshaft #25

Mary Fleener reviews Aline Kominsky Crumb's NEED MORE LOVE in Mineshaft #20

Robert Crumb in Sauve (2012) by Alex Goldsmith

R. Crumb in Sauve (2011) by Alex Goldsmith

Pat Moriarity hawks the new Mineshaft with his amazing cover art in Seattle (2011)

Everett, Gioia, and Irena go to pick up Mineshaft #26 at the printers (2011)

Robert Crumb and J.R. Helton in Austin, Texas (2009)

JR Helton, "MASSIVE Mineshaft fan and contributor," in the south of France (2011)

Kim Deitch hard at work in his NYC apartment. (photo by Pam Butler, 2005)

Gilbert Shelton checking out his good friend Frank Stack's wonderful cover! (photo by Frank Stack, Gijon, Spain, 2006)

Robert Williams in his studio with Mineshaft! (photo by Heidi Greene, 2006)

Frank Stack doing some serious painting and reading! (photo by Heidi Greene, 2006)

Two of our favorite comics artists, Carol Tyler and Justin Green, reading Mineshaft recently at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. (photo by Heidi Greene, 2006)

Fay Lovsky and Dominique Cravic before Les Primitifs du Futur concert in Raliegh (2005).

Mineshaft contributor Nina Bunjevac with Mineshaft #25 in Toronto, 2011!   (photo by Pete Dako)

Who reads Mineshaft?  We were happy to hear that the legendary Gary Arlington does! (photo by Heidi Greene, 2006)

Our good friend and regular contributor, the Man of Burlesque and much more-- Bruce Simon.

Mineshaft contributor Aaron Lange before...  (2009)

Mineshaft contributor Aaron Lange after!  (2009)

Spain reading Mineshaft! (photo by Heidi Greene, 2006)

Joe Coleman reads Mineshaft! (photo by Heidi Greene, 2006)

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