"Pleasing Minds of Taste Since 1999"

"Reading Mineshaft, I am conscious of its authenticity.  I imagine that in future issues there may be ads for futons and hookahs; someday there may even be an online version.  In the meantime it's one of the few true print vehicles around that carries the smokey torch of the disavowed, disenfranchised, lapsed, subsumed and beat to shit Counter Culture." -Justin Green, author of Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary

"Mineshaft is the best magazine in America. It's the only thing I read anymore."   -Jay Lynch

"What you are doing, which is so important, is using QUALITY art.   Mineshaft is like a quiet little beacon of laser creativity that continues to burn with a purpose."   -Mary Fleener

"Recently I've spent time going back and reading old issues of MINESHAFT. Man, it holds up well over time, very high quality content, mercifully free of the usual commercial crap or pretentious arty-farty nonsense that pervades 99.9 percent of all print media. Mineshaft is anti-propaganda, anti-public relations. It is a modest little package speaking honest truths in words and pictures, thanks to you and Gioia's sharp editorial judgement."   -Robert Crumb in a letter, January 1, 2014

"...a breath of fresh air from some universe next door."   -Art Spiegelman

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May 21, 2018 UPDATE:   Mineshaft #35, the Jay Lynch Memorial Issue, with front cover art & design by Robert Crumb, is here! Don't miss this amazing issue! A very limited supply of "The Mineshaft Reader" is also still available! Plus signed copies by the cover artists of Mineshaft numbers 23, 28, 31, and #33!   Many MINESHAFT back issues are still available... Many will be sold out soon...  Click here for more info and to order TODAY!!!

Front cover for Mineshaft #35 with artwork, lettering, and design by R. Crumb!

Mineshaft #35 Back Cover art by Robert Armstrong!

Front cover artwork, lettering, and design by R. Crumb!


Each copy of The Mineshaft Reader has been numbered by Christoph Mueller!

Billy Childish feature in The Mineshaft Reader & Back Cover by R. Crumb!

Order Now the FOUR Issue R. CRUMB ANNIVERSARY MINESHAFT SET!!! MINESHAFT #16, #17, #30, and #31!!!

Order Now the MINESHAFT FOUR Issue SAMPLER SET!!! MINESHAFT #32, #33, #34, and #35!!!

Mineshaft #34 Front Cover by R. Crumb!

Mineshaft #34 Back Cover by Robert Armstrong!


Mineshaft #33 Front Cover by Mary Fleener!

Mineshaft #33 Back Cover by R. Crumb!

R. Crumb Front Cover to Mineshaft #30!

R. Crumb Back Cover to Mineshaft #30!

Mineshaft #31 Front Cover by Jay Lynch!

Mineshaft #31 Back Cover by R. Crumb!

R. Crumb and Robert Armstrong "Banana Split" Centerfold Cavalcade in Mineshaft #32! Front Cover by Christoph Mueller!

R. Crumb Back Cover to Mineshaft #32!

Mineshaft #14 Front Cover by Phoebe Gloeckner!

Mineshaft #15 front cover by R. Crumb!

Mineshaft #20 Front Cover by Billy Childish!

Mineshaft #23 front cover by Jay Lynch!

One of R. Crumb's many dream logos drawn especially for Mineshaft!

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