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September 2014 UPDATE:   MINESHAFT #30, the 15th Anniversary Issue, is here with a beautiful front and back cover by R. Crumb!   PLUS... "Excerpts from R. Crumb's Dream Diary" and Crumb's "Existential Comics"! ALSO... Bill Griffith travels back to Brooklyn in "ZIPPY"! New comics by Justin Green! Mary Fleener! Jay Lynch! William Crook Jr. visits Route 66! "A Draftsman's Life" by Christoph Mueller! An Excerpt from Elizabeth Koenig's graphic novel, "Dark Grounds"! Poetry by J.R. Helton! Art by David Collier! Aline K. Crumb! Aaron Lange! Plus Letters from around the world & More!   COMING UP in MINESHAFT #31 next winter: Front cover art by Jay Lynch, Excerpts from R. Crumb's Dream Diary and Crumb's "Helicopter Girl", New work by Kim Deitch, Billy Childish, Sketchbook drawings by Art Spiegelman, William Crook Jr., Bill Grifith's ZIPPY, Christoph Mueller, Pat Moriarity, & MORE!   Back issues are still available!   Click here for more info and to order TODAY!!!

*** MINESHAFT 6 Issue SAMPLER SET!!! MINESHAFT #21, #25, #26, #28, #29, and #30!!!!!! ***

R. Crumb Front Cover to Mineshaft #30!

MINESHAFT #30 is Hot Off the Press! ORDER TODAY!!!

R. Crumb Back Cover to Mineshaft #30!

Sketchbook drawing from R. Crumb's "Existential Comics" in Mineshaft #30!

Mineshaft #29 Front Cover by Brad Barrett with Logo by R. Crumb!

Mineshaft #28 Front Cover by Christoph Mueller!

Mineshaft #28 Back Cover by R. Crumb!

Mineshaft #26 Front Cover by Pat Moriarity!

Mineshaft #15 front cover by R. Crumb!

Mineshaft #24 Front Cover by Mary Fleener!

Mineshaft #20 Front Cover by Billy Childish!

Mineshaft #25 Front Cover by Sophie Crumb and Robert Crumb!

Mineshaft #23 front cover by Jay Lynch!

Mineshaft #21 Front Cover by R. Crumb!

Photo of Mineshaft #21 front and back cover (Thanks to Christoph Mueller)!

One of R. Crumb's many dream logos drawn especially for Mineshaft!

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