"Mining the depths for unpredictable visual and literary ore!"

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Mineshaft News & Views on facebook...

Carl Richter's "New Crumb Stuff"

Official R. Crumb Site

Galerie Vidourle Prix in Sauve, France

L-13, Light Industrial Workshop And Private Ladies and Gentlemen's Club for Art, Leisure And Disruptive Betterment of Culture. Featuring the art of BILLY CHILDISH!

William Hamper (aka Billy Childish)

Hangman Books and Records publishing Billy Childish

Tangerine Press... Printer of the Mineshaft Reader and a publisher-printer of Billy Childish, and other excellent books!

William Crook Jr.

Robert Armstrong's Art & Novelty Hut

Mary Fleener

"The Ship That Never Came In!" animated cartoon by Kim Deitch

Bill Griffith & ZIPPY

Christoph Mueller

Jay Lynch

Pat Moriarity

J.R. Helton

Peter Poplaski's Blog! ARTIST & HERO!

Rika Deryckere

Nina Bunjevac

John Porcellino and "KING-CAT Comics"

John Porcellino's Blog

Aaron Lange

Noah Van Sciver's Blog!

Noah Van Sciver

Laure Boin

Art by Frank Stack

Aleksandar Zograf

Jim Blanchard

Justin Green Cartoon Art!

Elizabeth Koenig's graphic novel-in-progress: "DARK GROUNDS"!

Fly's Blog

Karl Stevens

Andrei Codrescu

Andrei Codrescu's "Exquisite Corpse": A Journal of Letters and Life

J.D. Wilkes

John Broadley's Books!

Michael Hanson

ZINE MACHINE! Durham Printed Matter Festival