"Mining the depths for unpredictable visual and literary ore!"

Submissions to Mineshaft

Mineshaft doesn't have any guidelines.  All submissions are welcome!  If you want to know what we're up to before sending something in, try to get a hold of a copy of the mag and check it out.  We prefer submissions sent by mail because it's easier for us to read or look at it that way, but we work with online submissions too.  Photocopies of drawings and comics (or high quality scans) are fine and that's the norm.  We encourage all artists and writers and we're always looking for great writing, photos, & artwork.  Please include a self addressed stamped envelope so that you can hear back from us (also if you want your work returned).  You people out there in far-away places that don't want your art or writing returned, we can also email you a reply, if you prefer.  We try to reply to all submissions within a couple of months.  Sometimes it's a lot sooner, but sometimes later...   In the end, just send us your best stuff and thanks!

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